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Solid State Logic UC1: A Pro Audio Design Game Changer

In the realm of professional audio production, the Solid State Logic UC1 stands out as a pioneering control surface, tailored to redefine the dynamics of music mixing with SSL 360°-enabled channel strip plug-ins and the Bus Compressor 2 plug-in. It is meticulously crafted to amplify the mixing process, encouraging a seamless interaction that fosters muscle-memory operation and instills confidence in every user. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the UC1, which not only bridges the gap between hardware and software but does so with an innovative design that ensures an intuitive mixing experience right from your computer. Complementing popular DAWs such as Logic Pro, Cubase, Live, Studio One, REAPER, and LUNA, the UC1 particularly shines with PreSonus Studio One, offering an unparalleled cohesive workflow.

We take pride in supporting a wide array of digital audio workstations (DAWs), including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Studio One, REAPER, LUNA, and more, ensuring that the Solid State Logic UC1 seamlessly integrates into your existing setup. Through a Hi-Speed USB connection powered by SSL 360° software for both Mac and PC, the UC1 redefines efficiency in the studio, making it an indispensable asset for professionals seeking a reliable and innovative mixing solution.

Solid State Logic UC-1: An Overview

The Solid State Logic UC1 is a comprehensive hardware control surface meticulously designed for precise manipulation of SSL 360°-enabled channel strip plug-ins and the Bus Compressor 2 plug-in. Here's a detailed look at its features and functionalities:

  • Hardware and Connectivity: The SSL UC1 Plug-in Controller revolutionizes the tactile experience in digital audio workstations by offering knob-per-function access, which enhances the precision and physical interaction with SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins. Constructed with a high-quality all-metal enclosure and a brushed anodized top plate, the UC1 connects to computers using a Hi-Speed USB cable and is powered by an external auto-ranging DC power supply.
  • Intuitive Plugin Control:
    • Knob-per-Function Interface: Each knob on the UC1 is dedicated to a specific function within the SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins, providing direct and immediate control. This setup not only speeds up the workflow but also enhances the muscle-memory aspect of mixing.
    • LED Feedback: Smart LED rings around each knob offer visual feedback, which is crucial during intricate mixing sessions. This feature ensures that adjustments are precise and intuitive.
    • Authentic Metering: The center section of the UC1 includes a moving-coil gain reduction meter, offering an authentic experience similar to using a traditional SSL console. This meter provides real-time visual feedback of the compression being applied, making it easier to achieve the desired sound.
  • Enhanced DAW Integration and Workflow:
    • SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer: This feature allows the integration of channel strips and Bus Compressors into one window, making it easier to manage multiple channels at once. The Plug-in Mixer promotes a 'big console' workflow within the digital environment, allowing users to view and control all adjustments side by side.
    • DAW Compatibility: UC1 is optimized for use with several leading DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, and notably excels with PreSonus Studio One, providing a seamless and unified mixing experience. This compatibility ensures that regardless of the digital audio workstation you prefer, UC1 integrates smoothly, enhancing both workflow and productivity.

By incorporating these advanced features, the Solid State Logic UC1 not only simplifies the digital mixing process but also brings a level of physical control that is reminiscent of classic analog mixing consoles. Its design and functionality make it a pivotal tool for professionals seeking to elevate their audio production quality with intuitive, tactile control over their mixing processes.

360° Link Plug-in - Bridging the Gap Between Hardware and Software

The SSL 360° Link Plug-in, a cornerstone of the UC1's versatility, exemplifies the seamless bridge between hardware control surfaces and software capabilities. Here’s how it enhances the workflow:

  • Third-Party Plugin Control: The SSL 360° Link Plug-in allows for the control of any third-party plugin from the UC1 surface, providing an almost infinite range of creative options for music production and mixing. This includes popular DAWs like Presonus Studio One, ensuring a smooth integration and enhanced workflow.
  • Customizable Mapping: Users have the flexibility to map the parameters of plugins themselves. This customization extends across various devices within the SSL 360° environment such as UF8, UC1, and UF1, which are pivotal in controlling both DAW and SSL plugins. For instance, mapping a plugin to the UC1 involves opening the 360 Link instance, clicking the parameter to be affected, and selecting the encoder for control.
  • Advanced Integration Features:

These features not only facilitate a more intuitive and controlled mixing process but also expand the creative possibilities, allowing users to integrate their favorite plugins into a unified SSL workflow seamlessly.

Optimized Control with Dedicated Knobs and Metering

The Solid State Logic UC1 revolutionizes the way professionals interact with their digital audio workstations, particularly with SSL 360°-enabled plug-ins. Here’s an in-depth look at how the UC1 enhances control with its dedicated knobs and metering features:

  1. Muscle-Memory Operation and Smart LED Rings: Each knob on the UC1 is meticulously designed to correspond to a specific function within the SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins. This design supports muscle-memory operation, allowing users to make adjustments intuitively without constantly needing to refer back to the screen. Additionally, smart LED rings encircle each knob, providing visual feedback that reflects parameter changes in real-time, ensuring that adjustments are both precise and intuitive.
  2. Virtual Notch and Bus Compressor Metering: The UC1 is equipped with a virtual notch feature that enhances the tactile feedback during knob adjustments, simulating the physical 'clicks' found on traditional analog mixing consoles. This feature aids in making fine-grained adjustments with higher accuracy. Central to its design is the moving-coil gain reduction meter, prominently displayed. This meter replicates the analog bus compressor metering, offering users a real-time visual representation of the compression applied, which is crucial for achieving the desired sound dynamics.
  3. Seamless Integration with PreSonus Studio One: Emphasizing its versatility, the UC1 not only excels in its primary functions but also integrates flawlessly with various DAWs, especially PreSonus Studio One. This integration facilitates a smoother workflow and enhances productivity by allowing users to control and tweak their mix with the physical touch of a console, all while working within the digital realm of their preferred DAW. The combination of UC1’s dedicated controls and the comprehensive features of Studio One creates a powerful and efficient mixing environment that appeals to both novice and professional audio engineers.

By incorporating these advanced control features, the Solid State Logic UC1 provides an unmatched tactile experience that closely mimics the feel of mixing on an analog desk, thereby bridging the gap between digital precision and analog usability.

Effortless Plugin Mapping and Customization

The Solid State Logic UC1 not only excels in seamless integration with DAWs like PreSonus Studio One but also offers extensive customization features that enhance user interaction and workflow efficiency. Here’s a detailed exploration of how effortless plugin mapping and customization are achieved:

  1. Intuitive Plugin Mapping:
  2. Advanced Customization Options:
  3. Seamless Workflow Integration:

These features, particularly when used in conjunction with DAWs like PreSonus Studio One, underscore the UC1’s capability to enhance the digital mixing environment, providing a user-friendly interface that bridges the gap between hardware control and software flexibility.

Production Efficiency and Workflow Enhancements

In our continuous effort to enhance production efficiency and workflow, the latest SSL 360° V1.7 software update brings significant improvements to our controllers, including the UC1, and our suite of 360°-enabled plug-ins. Here are the key enhancements that are transforming the professional audio production landscape:

  1. Software Update and Controller Enhancements:
    • SSL 360° V1.7 Software Update: This update introduces new features that streamline workflows and expand control possibilities for users of SSL's UF8, UF1, and UC1 controllers.
    • Controller Profiles for Additional DAWs: With the addition of new profiles for Merging Technologies Pyramix and Universal Audio LUNA, the UC1 controller now supports a wider range of digital audio workstations, enhancing its versatility and appeal to professionals using these platforms.
  2. Optimized Workflow Integration:
    • Seamless DAW Communication: The UC1 controller excels in communicating with the individual Plug-in Channel Strip and the Plug-in Mixer, allowing users to choose their preferred workflow. This flexibility is crucial for tailoring the mixing process to the specific needs of the project and the preferences of the audio engineer.
    • Enhanced Compatibility with PreSonus Studio One: The UC1’s integration with PreSonus Studio One is particularly noteworthy. It allows for a fluid and intuitive control experience that leverages the strengths of both the hardware and the software, making it an ideal setup for users of this popular DAW.

These updates not only simplify the user interface and expand the control capabilities but also ensure that the Solid State Logic UC1 continues to be a game-changer in the realm of professional audio design. By integrating these enhancements, we are committed to providing our users with a powerful, efficient, and flexible mixing environment that stands out in the competitive market.

Seamless DAW Integration for a Unified Mixing Experience

The Solid State Logic UC1's integration with various DAWs through the SSL 360° software ecosystem exemplifies its capability to provide a unified mixing experience that is both seamless and efficient. Here are some of the key integrations and functionalities that make UC1 a standout choice for professionals:

  1. Broad DAW Compatibility:
    • The UC1 seamlessly integrates with major DAWs including Pro Tools (AAX Native), Logic Pro (AU), Cubase (VST3), Live (VST3), Studio One (VST3), REAPER (VST3), and LUNA (AU). This extensive compatibility ensures that regardless of the user’s preferred digital audio workstation, the UC1 can be a central piece in their audio mixing setup.
  2. Enhanced Control with SSL Native Plug-ins:
    • SSL Native Channel Strip 2: Developed from the digital modeling of the renowned 9000 series console EQ and Dynamics curves, this plug-in allows users to achieve the legendary SSL sound with precise control directly from the UC1.
    • Bus Compressor 2: This plug-in has been updated to include more versatile Ratio, Attack, and Release settings, along with 2 and 4x oversampling options and a key sidechain input, all controllable via UC1. These features are crucial for professionals looking to fine-tune their dynamics with high fidelity and flexibility.
  3. Optimized for PreSonus Studio One:
    • The UC1's integration with PreSonus Studio One is particularly noteworthy, offering users a fluid and intuitive control experience. This DAW is known for its robust feature set and streamlined workflow, making it a perfect match for the tactile and responsive control provided by the UC1. Users can expect a significant enhancement in their productivity and creative expression when combining UC1 with Studio One’s powerful capabilities.

These integrations not only simplify the workflow but also enhance the creative potential by allowing users to focus more on the artistic aspects of mixing rather than the technicalities. By bridging the gap between hardware control and software flexibility, the Solid State Logic UC1 ensures a mixing experience that is both intuitive and deeply integrated with the industry’s leading DAWs.


Throughout this comprehensive exploration of the Solid State Logic UC1, we've outlined its significant capabilities and how it stands as a game-changer in professional audio design and production. The meticulous integration with SSL 360°-enabled channel strip plug-ins and the Bus Compressor 2 plug-in underscores the UC1's role in enhancing the creative workflow, allowing for a tactile and intuitive mixing experience reminiscent of classic analog consoles but with the precision and flexibility of digital platforms. Notably, its seamless integration with a variety of DAWs—especially with PreSonus Studio One—underscores the UC1's versatility and efficiency, enabling users to navigate through their mixing projects with improved accuracy and creative flair.

In closing, the Solid State Logic UC1 exemplifies a significant leap forward in bridging the tactile feel of analog mixing with the exhaustive capabilities of digital audio workstations. Its profound compatibility and optimized performance with PreSonus Studio One highlight the UC1's ability to accommodate modern production needs, empowering audio professionals with unparalleled control and flexibility in their projects. As we consider the broader implications of these advancements, it is clear that the UC1 is not just an improvement in workflow efficiency; it represents a comprehensive solution that addresses the nuanced demands of professional audio production, setting a new benchmark for industry standards.


1. What are the benefits of the SSL UC1 for mixing?
The SSL UC1 significantly simplifies plugin mixing by automatically loading a Channel Strip on every track, which makes managing plugins straightforward and efficient. It is particularly beneficial when used alongside the UF8, providing comprehensive control over your DAW. For those who mix directly within their digital audio workstation, the UC1 is highly recommended.

2. Does the UC1 support control over third-party plugins?
Yes, the UC1 can control a variety of plugins. It is compatible with 360°-enabled plugins such as Channel Strip 2, 4K E, 4K B, and Bus Compressor 2. Moreover, it features the SSL 360 Link, an innovative plugin that extends UC1's control capabilities to third-party plugins, enhancing its versatility.

3. Are Solid State Logic plugins available for free?
Solid State Logic plugins, along with selected Harrison Plugins, are available at a starting price of $14.99 per month. Since debuting the groundbreaking SL 4000E console in 1979, Solid State Logic has been a pioneer in the audio industry, continually setting benchmarks with its innovative products.

4. How can I set up the SSL UC1?
To set up the UC1, connect it to your computer using one of the included USB cables. Installation of the SSL 360° software on your computer is required for the UC1 to operate. This software acts as the control center for the UC1 surface and provides access to the 360° Plug-in Mixer.


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