Audio Mixing | PreSonus Retro Mix Legends

Audio Mixing | PreSonus Retro Mix Legends

Discover the revolutionary world of audio mixing with the PreSonus Retro Mix Legends—a suite of Mix Engine FX plug-ins exclusively designed for PreSonus' Studio One Professional. The collection comprises the Alpine Desk, Brit Console, and Porta Cassette, all meticulously modeled based on the iconic mixing consoles that have shaped the sound of countless hit records over the decades.

1. Mix Engine Effects: The Game Changer

Unlike traditional VSTs that can only affect one Channel or Bus at a time, Mix Engine Effects (MEF) revolutionize the way audio is processed in Studio One. When a MEF is activated on any bus — including the Main — it simultaneously impacts all channels feeding into that bus. This cross-processing capability, paired with PreSonus' proprietary State Space Modeling technology, results in highly authentic digital models of analog equipment behavior, including drive, crosstalk, and saturation.

"Unlike traditional VSTs that can only affect one Channel or Bus at a time, Mix Engine Effects (MEF) revolutionize the way audio is processed in Studio One."

2. State Space Modeling: Crafting Digital Authenticity

State Space Modeling (SSM) is the secret sauce behind the incredibly natural, nuanced, and authentic-sounding digital models of analog gear behavior. This technology allows PreSonus to create digital models of analog circuit behavior at the component level, capturing the specific non-linearity within these components for even more realistic models of analog circuit behavior. This is particularly important for components such as transformers and vacuum tubes, enabling the Mix Engine FX to accurately capture the character of legendary analog hardware.

3. Alpine Desk: The American Legend

The Alpine Desk adds the punchy low end and smooth warmth of a legendary American recording console to your Studio One mix. Unique to Alpine Desk is a variable output transformer that lets you switch from a 1:1 to 3:1 gain ratio for higher drive settings and a uniquely dark and warm tonal contour. A two-stage Boost control allows you to dial in subtle tone colorations to serious overdrive that was impossible on the original hardware.

4. Brit Console: The British Charm

The Brit Console brings the unique character of two of the most legendary British consoles of the 80s to your Studio One mix. It features three Style options: Vintage, Super, and Modern, each offering a unique sonic character. The Modern mode also features a variable harmonic distortion that yields a gentle bass boost, letting you dial in everything from nuanced harmonic saturation to edgy transistor bite.

5. Porta Cassette: The Japanese Masterpiece

The Porta Cassette faithfully reproduces the smooth, analog, slightly off-kilter lo-fi mojo of the four-track cassette recorders of the 80s and 90s. Character and Pitch controls grant you control over tone coloration as well as tape wow and flutter for semi-randomized detuning effects that emulate the sound of a tired old tape motor well past its warranty expiration.

6. Boosting the Power: Alpine Desk & Brit Console Update

Following popular demand, PreSonus has added new functionality to the Alpine Desk and Brit Console. The Boost option, originally intended to accurately recreate the subtle sonic artifacts inherent in driving the gain stages of popular consoles, has been updated. Now, the Alpine Desk and Brit Console each offer two levels of Boost: "on," and "crank!" This makes the overall range of Boost available via the Drive control incredibly wide, ranging from barely audible to borderline ridiculous.

7. Key Features of Retro Mix Legends

  • Three new exclusive Mix Engine FX plug-ins: Alpine Desk (American), Brit Console (British), and Porta Cassette (Japanese)
  • Based on state-of-the-art PreSonus State Space Modeling technology
  • Captures the unique sonic fingerprint of the original hardware
  • Processes an unlimited number of channels independently using a single Mix Engine FX plug-in
  • Authentic analog drive, noise, and true crosstalk between adjacent channels
  • Available individually or as a bundle
  • Compatible with Studio One Professional version 4.6.2 or later
  • Included in PreSonus Sphere

8. About Mix Engine FX

Mix Engine FX are capable of processing every channel of the mixer separately with a single instance. When added to a bus channel or the main output channel, every signal routed into that channel is processed independently at the source, allowing the plug-in to transform the sound of an entire mix. Each plug-in offers its unique set of parameters for additional versatility and added control.

9. Retro Mix Legends: A Comparison

The Retro Mix Legends is a fresh addition to the audio mixing realm, similar to what Universal Audio is doing with its Luna DAW, or Harrison with its MixBus DAW. Other DAW makers are expected to follow suit, integrating console emulations in their mixers. However, third-party plug-ins by the likes of Slate Digital and brainworx are already quite proficient at this.

10. Price and Availability

The Retro Mix Legends bundle is available now at the PreSonus online shop, priced at USD 79.95. The Alpine Desk, Brit Console, and Porta Cassette plug-ins can be purchased individually for USD 29.95 each. All three Mix Engine Effects plug-ins are included in PreSonus Sphere subscriptions as well.

11. Conclusion

PreSonus Retro Mix Legends has undoubtedly taken the world of audio mixing by storm. With its unique approach to emulating the sound of legendary consoles and the flexibility of Mix Engine FX, it has become an invaluable tool for musicians, producers, and engineers seeking to enhance their Studio One experience. Whether you're looking to add some vintage warmth, British character, or lo-fi vibes, Retro Mix Legends has got you covered.

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